The Grey Rock Group makes core, value-added, and opportunistic investments in commercial multifamily, office, retail, and data center assets situated in central business districts and suburban markets throughout the United States.

Core Investments

In evaluating core investment opportunities, we focus on acquiring assets with high occupancy rates and credit-worthy tenants. We look to invest in assets in strong metropolitan markets that will produce stable cash flow in a variety of future market conditions.

Value-Added Investments

In executing our value-added strategy, we search for underperforming, but promising, assets that can be acquired at discounts to replacement costs. We seek assets that are conducive to active management, allowing for our team's deep experience to translate into meaningful value creation.

After we acquire an asset, we capitalize on our operating expertise to expeditiously address operational issues. We enhance assets with accretive capital improvements, occupancy increases, and lease rate increases.

Opportunistic Investments

Our opportunistic investments seek to create value by developing or repositioning an asset we acquire. Additionally, we make tactical investments in undeveloped land, mortgage notes, and mezzanine debt.


The Grey Rock Group develops across several commercial real estate asset classes including multifamily, office, retail, industrial, student housing, senior housing, and assisted living.

Grey Rock endeavors to become the preeminent commercial real estate developer of Southern California. To this end, we employ a disciplined approach to real estate development, placing great emphasis on economic feasibility, efficient space usage, innovative design, and environmental sustainability.

We pride ourselves in our ability to identify and fulfill development needs of the localities we serve, ensuring that our projects play a meaningful role in enhancing the social and economic quality of these communities.

Our professionals have an eye for "value-add" developing. Our team brings exemplary expertise in the areas of renovation, adaptive reuse, and in-fill development.


The professionals at Grey Rock understand that effective management is fundamental to prudent real estate investing. Accordingly, we manage all properties under our supervision with an owner's mentality. To this end, we develop and meet short-term and long-term financial targets for every asset under our supervision.

We are able to command higher rents while maintaining higher than market occupancy rates by offering tenants a responsive, efficient custodianship of the spaces they occupy. We attract higher quality tenants and boast enviable tenant retention by ardently striving to outperform tenant satisfaction benchmarks.

We believe that effective real estate stewardship requires a commitment to innovation. As such, our professionals bring a wealth of expertise in energy-efficiency, information technology, and security.

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Affordable Housing

The Grey Rock Group was founded on the idea that access to clean, safe, affordable housing is a fundamental right of every human being. Our principals capitalize on several decades of experience in affordable housing to acquire, develop, and redevelop communities by collaborating with private, nonprofit, and government partners.

We utilize a broad range of financial instruments including low-income housing tax credits (LIHTC), tax-exempt bonds, and tax increment financing (TIF), as well as several municipal, state, and federal grant programs.

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We believe that the 21st century built environment must fully embrace sustainability. To that end, we endeavor to employ solar and other renewable energy sources at the communities we build and acquire to the fullest extent feasible. We also implement water-saving programs to mitigate the demands we place on Earth’s limited resources.

We pride ourselves in selecting building materials that are responsibly produced and in operating our communities leaving the smallest carbon footprint possible.

We are committed to doing our part to make our planet a more habitable place for future generations.

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The Grey Rock Group is a data-driven real estate company. Our team thoroughly analyzes market trends, neighborhood insights, technological disruption, environmental conditions, political stability, capital markets information, and microeconomic and marcoeconomic factors, in making its investment, development, and management decisions.

The Grey Rock Group has developed several proprietary analysis models that allow our principals to make investment decisions on the basis of more reliable data that captures more value drivers and incorporates more risk factors than the overwhelming majority of traditional financial models do.

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The Grey Rock Group is headquartered in Marina Del Rey, CA.

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